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Over-the-counter drug use questioned - Adfero
FTBs benefit from BTL sales - mform
Reactionary buyers 'right' to choose fixed-rates - mform
Mortgage possession orders up - Adfero
Record number of insolvencies - Adfero
'Ambulance chasers' could make £531m hunting charges - Adfero
Debt culture 'forcing mothers into work' - Adfero
Watchdog attacks airlines over website pricing - Adfero
UK and Eurozone 'diverging on inflation' - Adfero
Hips backers claim economy saving - Adfero
Beckett ups Iraq aid - Adfero
Cost of moving falls for sellers - mform
Estate agents 'should embrace Hips' - mform
Brits back cheques - Adfero
King lauds Bank's monetary success - Adfero
Debt culture 'shaping property expectations' - Adfero
Premiership place 'worth £60m' - Adfero
CML uncertain over Hips rollout - Adfero
London pips average property prices - mform
Specialist student 'digs' worth £17 billion - mform
£40 million for neighbourliness - mform
Home Retail warns of 'challenging' market - Adfero
Over-50s' wealth 'rocketing' - Adfero
Firms accused of mis-selling PPIs - Adfero
Home-selling costs fall - Adfero
TV phone quizzes to face tougher rules - Adfero
Landlords to clarify charges - mform
Hips leave some homeowners cold - mform
New buyers don't check house health - mform
Lords report cites "extensive" Hips criticism - Adfero
Info chief in renewed surveillance warning - Adfero
'Super union' chief hails historic day - Adfero
Wal-Mart accused of anti-union tactics - Adfero
Imperial lights up profits - Adfero
Civil servants begin strike - Adfero
'Further misery' set for trainee medics - Adfero
Scottish Power and EDF Energy cut gas bills - Adfero
Mortgage lending rising but cooling - mform
Think-tank banks on half a point rate rise - mform
Apple offers laptop battery fix - Adfero
Early Learning Centre joins Mothercare family - Adfero
House prices 'rose in April' - Adfero
Report: Education not preventing minority poverty - Adfero
MPs tell Europe: Leave higher education alone - Adfero
RBS customers facing charge - Adfero
British pubs face smoking ban "shock" - Adfero
MPC must tread carefully - mform
Tories and Labour bicker over Hips - mform
South West has best neighbourhoods - mform
People putting faith in 'property pensions' - mform
Double inflation to 'seal' rate rise - mform
First-time buyers fare better up North - mform
Equity release benefits the elderly - mform
Landlords sheltered from housing market storm - mform
Budgeting students won't budge - mform
Base rate speculation splits borrowers 50:50 - mform
'Adkids' making 'sandwiches' in future housing market - mform
Highest ever March mortgage-lending - mform
Warnings issued over misleading mortgage advice - mform
Buyers still not stretched by mortgages - mform
Over £1 million for a Chelsea pad - mform
FTBs frustrated by gazumping - mform
'Poor pay more' to heat their homes - mform
Landlords won't gamble on benefit tenants - mform
Welsh property lags behind - mform
NUS praises student mortgage scheme - mform
Stamp duty smothers supply - mform
Housing minister rates Hips - mform
Landlords get online to avoid high-street agents - mform
Property price inflation just won't slow down - mform
Auctions Rapid rate reports - mform
'Energy mortgage' proposed by Lib Dems - mform
UK mortgages branded "most competitive" in the world - mform
Warning as subsidence claims double - mform
Town prices exclude keyworkers - mform
Yuppies become BARBies - mform
Property prices in a pressure cooker - mform
313,000 complaints about noisy neighbours - mform
More stay-at-home students live rent-free - mform
First-time buyers flock to fixed-rate mortgages - mform
Property market boom 'set to continue' - mform
UK house prices continue to grow - mform
NAEA calls for estate agent training - mform
OFT urges buyers to be 'code-aware' - mform
DIYers advised to offset costs through equity release - mform
Construction bolstered by market boom - mform
Experts unsure of bank's next move - mform
Planning permission bumps bungalow price-tag by £1.25 million - mform
Planning performance spectacular - mform
MEW the key to cash crises - mform
Scottish property inflation expected to dominate in 2007 - mform
House-proud Brits still spending on lending - mform
King confirms market cooling - mform
Mortgage approvals drop in number but soar in value - mform
Yuppie landlords a new trend? - mform
Six in ten unaware of affordable ownership options - mform
New buyers enthusiastic for new-builds - mform
London leads another property price rise - mform
Average move costs almost £9,500 - mform
Brits in line with Brown incentives to go green - mform
Buyers fixed on fixed-rate deals - mform
Householders face 'bin tax' proposals - mform
Movers at risk of ID theft - mform
DIY accidents cost £2.6 billion - mform
House price rise unstoppable - mform
Green homes gain popularity - mform
One in three detached homes face inheritance tax - mform
Britain demands stamp duty change - mform
Homeowners warned of coming cold - mform
Manchester set for property growth - mform
Belfast property market looks up - mform
New home sales boom - mform
'Flat pack' homes come to UK - mform
£1m homes face council tax hike - mform
Home buyers urged to pause for breath - mform
More first-time buyers choosing fixed rate loans - mform
House prices rises slow - mform
Green belt 'should be opened up' - mform
Housing shortage: urban myth - mform
Water leaks cost homeowners £1.8bn - mform
'Turquoise belts' for riverbanks - mform
Housing market welcomes interest rate freeze - mform
Property prices swell for smaller dwellings - mform
Mortgage holders consider lodgers to make ends meet - mform
Hips to spark hike in housing market - mform
Caring landlords to share properties in new project - mform
Green grants to be binned in 2008 - mform
Rich BRICs invest in British bricks - mform
Parents fear adult children won't fly the nest - mform
House-building boom unseen since the 80s - mform
'Bracket creep' blamed for higher stamp duty proportions - mform
First time buyers not relying on house price crash - mform
Plummeting prices for London apartments - mform
UK holiday homes a bargain investment - mform
Rising rent prices as leasing becomes more popular - mform
House prices 'affected by rate rises' - mform
FTBs doing it for themselves - mform
Building sector promotes greener constructions - mform
Property price rises in London leading the market - mform
100 per cent mortgages solution for first-time buyers - mform
Popular regions catapult house prices - mform
Inheritance tax could affect more properties - mform
Pensioners to protest at another council tax rise - mform
Homeowners face sewer stink - mform
Popularity of Cornish properties pushes prices up - mform
Rics wants Hips postponed - mform
Homeowners only go green on the cheap - mform
Warning: thatched property fires burn more cash - mform
Pensioners own over £1 trillion of property equity - mform
Lean supply of properties propels prices - mform
Mortgage lending hits all-time high for January - mform
A room with a view raises property value and tax - mform
Bad renovation 'slashes the value of property' - mform
Slow-down on property price inflation this February - mform
Three quarters of new properties not flood-proof - mform
Price of new-build homes drops - mform
Commercial property more attractive than buy-to-let - mform
Rise in buy-to-let mortgages - mform
Double whammy for first-time buyers - mform
Inflation falls but interest rate rise still forecast - mform
FTBs reached out in December - mform
Muslim mortgage market growing - mform
House prices breach £200K barrier - mform
Mortgage borrowers reducing debts faster - mform
Interest rate rises chills property market - mform
Rates could 'hold for months' - mform
Halifax reveals buoyant property trend - mform
NI house prices highest in Europe - mform
Alliance & Leicester launches new mortgages - mform
Mortgages 'top priority' for property investment - mform
HIPs petition tops 5,000 signatures - mform
Mortgages - investors take rises in their stride - mform
HSBC launches new mortgage rate - mform
Buy to let sector sees 'strong growth' - mform
Annual mortgage interest 'costs more' - mform
Rise in lifetime mortgages - mform
Mortgage lending up £10bn - mform
First-time buyers ready to overstretch - mform
Property boost as Manchester wins casino race - mform
Estate agents 'need to be licensed' - mform
House prices start to cool - mform
House prices up '£1,000 a month' for 2007 - mform
London leads house price growth - mform
Mortgage exit fees to be more transparent - mform
Mortgage lending up - mform
MPC split on interest rate decision - mform
London buyers forced to look further away - mform
Morse factor lifts Oxford - mform
First-time buyers lose as buy-to-letters prosper - mform
Bank of England head defends interest rate rise - mform
Northern Ireland leads house price growth - mform
Buy-to-let landlords look to long term - mform
London storeroom comes with £170k price tag - mform
East Anglia tipped for biggest property price growth - mform
Buyers to get bigger bite of market - mform
Average asking prices up - mform
UK families spend £443 per week - mform
"North looks to garages, south to big bedrooms" - mform
Mortgage lending remains strong - mform
Prince of Wales unveils eco-homes - mform
Wales expects property boom with defence contracts - mform
Interest rate rise sees re-priced mortgages - mform
First-time buyers still feeling the squeeze - mform
UK inflation hits 3% - mform
Estate agents: Rate rise premature - mform
London house market fails to freeze this winter - mform
UK homes worth £3.8 trillion - mform
British homes head to £200k - mform
Interest rate rise: 'Buyers will overstretch' - mform
House price growth falls in December - mform
Slough expected to take off - mform
Bank of England increases interest rates - mform
Locals 'won't be priced out' by Olympics - mform
First-time buyers face worsened affordability - mform
Liverpool set to be property hotspot - mform
Sellers need to work on selling - mform
London price rises expected - mform
50p home sold for £145k - mform
Pay rises could bring up interest rates - mform
House market cooling? - mform
British property leads the way in Europe - mform
FTBs flock back to housing market - mform
New data shows slowing house price growth - mform
Growth in mortgage lending hits 3-year high - mform
Buy-to-let market to soar on tenant demand - mform
Immigration fuelling south-west housing boom - mform
Average FTB offer climbs above £150,000 - mform
UK mortgage lending hits new record - mform
NI homeowners see highest growth in UK - mform
First-time buyer numbers at all-time low - mform
Buy-to-let market buoyant - mform
Coastal and university towns set to boom in 2007 - mform
City bonuses to boost UK housing market - mform
Booming mortgage market makes rate rise likely - mform
Brits to borrow £1bn a day in 2007 mortgage blitz - mform
Demand for housing remains strong - mform
Mortgage lending reaches record high in November - mform
House price inflation plateaus in November - mform
Brits demand more urban homes - mform
24% predicting housing market crash - mform
Empty homes piling pressure on FTBs - mform
'Living loners' putting pressure on housing stock - mform
More homeowners struggling with mortgage debt - mform
7% growth in house prices predicted for 2007 - mform
FTBs favour 50 year mortgages - mform
December house price growth highest since 2004 - mform
Fixed rate mortgages boom in popularity - mform
Boom in shared equity mortgages forecast - mform
Mortgage lenders hike fees - mform
UK only trusts politicians less than estate agents - mform

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